State of Play Movie Review

8 11 2009

State of play is a movie about a newspaper called “The Washington Globe.”  Cal McAffre (Russell Crowe) and Della Frye (Rachel McAdams) start to report on a story involving a thief and a bike rider who were shot by an ex-soldier who is working for a company called “PointCorp”.  After that shooting, a senators aid died in a subway station, It was said to be a suicide but Cal and Della don’ t think that is the whole story.  After Senator Collins (Ben Affleck) explodes at a hearing for PointCorp, Cal thinks their was something between Collins and Sonia Baker (Collin’s Aid) more than just political happenings.  Collins comes to Cal’s Apartment after work to talk to his college room mate.  Collins admits that he had an affair with Sonia many times and that she had sent him a happy text message the morning of her death which points away from suicide and toward murder.  Cal reviews the surveillance tapes and realizes that she was killed in a blind spot of the train station and that who killed her would have had known that she was there.  While Cal was watching the footage Della went to the hospital because the bike rider was coming of his coma and she wanted to interview him on the shooting.  As Della entered the hospital a creepy man left and kept looking at Della but she thought nothing of it.  When she was getting ready to interview him a sniper shot through the window and killed the man.  Della said that the man she saw at the hospital was in the subway at the same time Sonia was in there and he followed her to the same terminal so she thinks he is the killer.  Cal figures out that he is a PointCorp employee and gets his address to find out what he was doing in the subway.  When Cal goes to talk to him he is stalked by the man and is shot in the parking garage by the murderer.  After writing the story Cal goes to his car and the murderer is waiting for him and tries to shoot him but the cops shoot him before he can shoot Cal.




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